14 June, 2011

I Love Trash.

I love Caroll Spinney.

So I have decided to once again participate in this season's 30 for 30. LET'S GET READY FOR MORE POSTS ABOUT CLOTHES YOU GUYS. HOLD ONTO YOUR FIGURATIVE HATS.

Here's the thing. With Kendi's permission, I am choosing to personalize this 30 for 30 to fit my current needs. There are some clothing items I have that I am on the fence about. I need to take 'em out for a further spin and get some feedback on whether or not I should keep them. (Mo, I was partially inspired by you).

So, allow me to present .... 30 f0r 30: the "Should I get rid of this?" Edition!!!

Clothes! Drama! Voting! It's like a reality show up in herrrrre.

Here are the rules of the game:

1. I have 30 items, including shoes, hats, and accessories, and I will make a valiant effort to wear each one at least twice, to really get a feel for the piece.
2. I can accentuate each piece with whatever items I want. The thing is, many of these items are so dramatic/unusual/make me look like a hobo that wearing them all together would be a recipe for clown college. And I'm starting grad school next week. I need to look normal.
3. Please leave comments on each outfit (I will specify what piece is the "featured" one) and let me know if you think I should keep it or get rid of it. I'm asking for your feedback so you won't hurt my feelings.
4. Thanks in advance! XOXOX

TO THE DUDES: I totally want your feedback too. But if you want to take a hiatus from reading my blog for a month, that's cool. Just be aware that YOU WILL ALSO MISS MY POST ABOUT STAR TREK CON WHICH MAY INCLUDE COSTUMES.

1 comment:

Kayla said...

I LOVE this idea. I've thought of doing something similar multiple times on my own blog (especially with this one muumuu that I love and Aaron despises). I can't wait!!

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