25 June, 2011

Should I Get Rid of This?: Day 6 (black and tan shoes)

wearing black and tan shoes, black pants (Target), Grover shirt (Target) and blue and white striped cardigan (ALSO TARGET MY FAVORITE PLACE EVER)

Even though I wear this shoes pretty rarely, I have a special attachment to them.

1. They were a birthday present my freshman year of college. My friend Mallory and I were shopping at the mall, and I found these shoes at Payless. They were on sale for three dollars, and she was like, "Happy Birthday," and bought them for me. My 19th birthday was not the greatest, and that was the highlight.

2. One time, in an elevator in the JFSB, an old man saw me wearing those shoes, made a face, and said "Are those what the kids are wearing these days?" IT WAS PERFECT.

So I'm not sure these shoes are that great if they anger up the old folks' blood, but I don't think I can quite part with them either.

Do they make YOU want to confront a stranger in an elevator? Vote below!

1 comment:

theFinn said...

I keep coming back to this post because I really can't decide. Part of me feels like they're hideous bowling shoes, and part of me feels like they're pure awesomeness in shoe form.