29 June, 2011

From the archives: June 29, 2003

So today I went visiting with this woman from church and the following conversation ensued.

Me: So I hear it's really easy to find places in Utah.
Gerry: Yeah, it is, since the streets are on a grid system and most of the streets have numbers instead of names.
Me: Really?
Gerry: Although recently they have been changing some of the street names, I'm not really sure why. The street I used to live on was just changed to Freedom Boulevard, I think.
Me: (making what I think is a very funny joke) Did it used to be FRENCH Boulevard?
Gerry: Nooo... (long awkward silence)
Me: *sigh*

I don't think I'm going to be funny in Utah.

28 June, 2011

Should I Get Rid of This?: Day 6 (white dress)

Isn't this an interesting photo? I took it at my friend Tiffany's house. Such nice lighting. Very ethereal.
wearing white dress as skirt, grey t-shirt (Wal-Mart ... classy) and chacos.

And yet, despite this picture's potential, this dress still doesn't look very good. It's not a good length and it often rides up. It makes me look wide. When it's worn as a dress, the entire halter is completely pointless. I'm 90% in favor of getting rid of it.

On the other hand, though, I don't have any other white dresses. Even my wedding dress is off-white. So I dunno.

There Ain't No Room in My Cell Phone Plan for You.

My friend Aaron is pretty much a pop star. He made this video.

Aaron's been in a band for a pretty long time (Eyes Lips Eyes, nee Elizabethan Report) but he has an album coming out soon that's all his solo stuff. It's all this danceable. And I wrote the liner notes.

Also, he's one of the nicest fellas you could ever ask for. Five stars.

P.S. I don't know if this is intentional, but this video was directed by a Matt Heder, and Fresh Big Mouf's persona in this vid is very Napoleon Dynamite-esque. Coincidence?

EDIT: Speaking of coincidences, TODAY is Aaron's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!

25 June, 2011

Should I Get Rid of This?: Day 6 (black and tan shoes)

wearing black and tan shoes, black pants (Target), Grover shirt (Target) and blue and white striped cardigan (ALSO TARGET MY FAVORITE PLACE EVER)

Even though I wear this shoes pretty rarely, I have a special attachment to them.

1. They were a birthday present my freshman year of college. My friend Mallory and I were shopping at the mall, and I found these shoes at Payless. They were on sale for three dollars, and she was like, "Happy Birthday," and bought them for me. My 19th birthday was not the greatest, and that was the highlight.

2. One time, in an elevator in the JFSB, an old man saw me wearing those shoes, made a face, and said "Are those what the kids are wearing these days?" IT WAS PERFECT.

So I'm not sure these shoes are that great if they anger up the old folks' blood, but I don't think I can quite part with them either.

Do they make YOU want to confront a stranger in an elevator? Vote below!

23 June, 2011

Should I Get Rid of This?: Day 6 (mustard sweater)

Today I have decided to get rid of two things.

wearing mustard sweater, turquoise skirt (some store in the mall), blue galoshes (GAP)

Two thumbs down for this whole outfit. The sweater makes me look wide, and the skirt is out of style. I'm planning to get rid of both. Love the galoshes though. Thoughts?

22 June, 2011

Should I Get Rid of This?: Day 5 (grey flapper hat)

Two things to start.

1. Classy people definitely take photos in the bathroom.

2. Just because a gay guy says something looks good and you should buy it, does not make it true.

wearing grey flapper hat, dark blue dress (JC Penney),
black vest (Urban Outfitters) and black studded sandals* (Papaya)
*not that you can see them
also featuring: SPIDER HANDS

I bought this hat at Goodwill because my friend said it was cute. I guess it is, but I also don't really wear hats that often. I kept worrying it was going to fall off. I also worry it looks like I am trying too hard ... to be Annie Hall? Or Grace from Annie? Not really sure.

On the other hand, I did get some compliments on it, but they might have been being passive aggressive.

On the third, alien hand, maybe I could pull off the hat under the right circumstances? I dunno. I am leaning towards getting rid of this, though.

Now that I look at it again, this kind of has a 1840s safari hunter look to it, huh? Which may or may not be a good thing.

From the archives: June 22, 2003

Can't live with him, can't…*sigh*

Want to hear a sumary of my relationship with my youngest brother as applies to X?

No? Here it is anyway:

Carlos: Elisa, buy me X.
Elisa: No.
Carlos: Pleeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeeee.
Elisa: (firmly) No.
Carlos: But I want X! I neeeeeeeed X!
Elisa: No! I have absolutely no/very little money!
Carlos: (throws huge embarrassing tantrum)
Elisa: (turns red. goes home.)

In a word - arghhhhhhhhh.

20 June, 2011

Should I Get Rid of This?: Day 4 (black puffed sleeve dress)

Look! A less-awkward mirror picture. I actually kind of like it.

wearing black puffed sleeve dress, blue cardigan, turquoise scarf (H&M)
and those silver sandals. oh, how I love them silver sandals.

A big part of this weeding out process is realizing that some of clothes would be totally wearable with a few repairs. For example, all this dress needs is an extra button that will keep me from looking like a 1920s barmaid (hence the scarf, which hides a multitude of cleavage). Maybe a belt. But otherwise I like it. What do you think?

Should I Get Rid of This?: Day 3 (black polka dot dress)

wearing black polka dot dress, blue cardigan (Forever 21) and silver sandals.

So I've had this dress for a while, and I mostly bought it because it has polka dots and I have another brown dress with polka dots that I wear all the time. I figured I would get a lot of wear out of it. But until this weekend, I didn't really. That's because the neckline in front was very low-cut and ruched, so it couldn't be worn without an undershirt. I try to avoid wearing undershirts because they look SO MORMON (not that there's anything wrong with that). Whenever I wear an undershirt beneath a sleeveless dress I feel like I'm going to EFY. So I just never wore this dress.

Then yesterday I doscovered the joy of wearing this dress BACKWARDS!

And now I plan to wear it all the time. I'm also pondering the possibility of getting some opaque black lace and covering the back (formerly the front) and putting some lace cap sleeves on, so I can wear it without a cardigan.

19 June, 2011

Today is Father's Day. I get to that at the end.

I should definitely mention that I went to a SIFF documentary screening with Allen, who clearly knows what he's doing in terms of how to win my eternal loyalty. The topic of the doc: Kevin Clash, creator of Elmo from Sesame Street. And of course, we all know how I feel about that show, and puppets in general.

The documentary was remarkably similar in theme and scope to his recent-ish memoir, My Life as a Furry Red Monster (see my not-very-helpful review of that here). But there were some very cool video clips and a tour of the Muppet Studio that were amazing. Furthermore, Muppetry is such a visual medium that Kevin's life story ought to have been a documentary in the first place. I loved seeing him at the screening, and the movie was fun. I only cried a little bit.

I don't know what else to say about it, really. To be blunt, Clash seems like a bit of a workaholic--a well-meaning one, to be sure. On the other hand, is any genius NOT a workaholic, someone devoted to their creations at the expense of all else? Is that the price? And even if you don't think Elmo is that great a character, you have to admit that his status as a cultural phenomena is pretty incredible, and it didn't happen by accident. It was engineered in large part by Kevin Clash, and a lot of the projects related to puppeteering and development of Sesame Street in general can be attributed to Kevin. He's been at it for decades.

One of the more poignant moments was seeing Kevin Clash at his teenage daughter's birthday party. He was clearly giving everything he had to make her party incredibly memorable (a video of celebrities wishing her happy birthday, a cake that looked like it belonged at a Sesame Street-themed wedding) but I, at least (not sure if the viewer was meant to) could sense a detachment from father to child, greater than the usual distance between a teenage girl and her parents. Maybe I was reading too much into it.

On the other hand, if millions of children benefit at the expense of one visionary's family and friends, is that 100% horrible? Do we cluck our tongues at famous scientists who never see their families because they're too busy working on a cure for cancer? It's tricky, because some causes take an entire self, with nothing left.

I remember when my dad was working on a case that took him away from home whenever he wasn't at work. He would either be gone or in his office until 1 or 2 in the morning. The case never went anywhere, either, and it wasn't exactly noble--some sort of revenge on a former client that way way south. My point is, that was the last time I remember feeling somewhat sad that my dad wasn't around much (I was in high school). Ever since then, he's been around a lot, even if we don't want him to be. He hasn't always been the kind of dad you write blog posts about. But he has been around. I guess that's good?

I know this isn't a really platinum endorsement. Reminiscent of this Vonnegut quote, yes?

"If I die, and I hope I don't, I want my tombstone to read, "Someone. Sometime to sometime. He tried."

I going to go out on a limb and say it's better to have a dad who tried than none at all.

From the archives: June 19, 2003

My first LiveJournal entry of all time.


Elisa succumbs to yet another trend

Magic Talking Live Journal: So, Elisa, what did YOU do today?

Elisa Koler: Well, Magic Talking Live Journal, I got up early this morning and went to my first day of work at Luke Casteel and Associates. I sorted dead corporate law files into boxes in the basement of the Fisher Business Center. I got all the way up to 1996!

MTLJ: Holy crap!

EK: Yes. It was highly enjoyable. Almost as much fun as Disneyland.

MTLJ: Can you tell me something interesting about corporate law, Elisa?

EK: I'm sorry, I can't.

MTLJ: Oh. (whispers) Is that because the information you are privy to is confidential?

EK: No. It's because there is nothing interesting about corporate law! And even if there was, I wouldn't have noticed because this morning I was asleep and awake at the same time!

MTLJ: Ha ha ha ha!

EK: After three hours in a very small room with lots of papers, I went home and ate a peanut butter sandwich. Then I went to work at the synagogue. I made and ate lots and lots of knish!

MTLJ: I LOVE knish!

EK: That is because I love knish, and I created you.

MTLJ: Yes, master.

EK: Anyway, while I was at work, my boss punched me in the kidney with a broom!

MTLJ: Ha ha ha ha!

EK: Actually, it hurt a lot. But he said he was sorry.

MTLJ: What an exciting day you have had! What happened afer you were assaulted with a cleaning implement?

EK: Well, I went home and took a shower, because I had somehow managed to get brownie mix in my hair. That was pretty much my day. What about you?

MTLJ: Well, I was just created about 15 minutes ago, and I feel great!

EK: So I guess that makes me kind of like God.

MTLJ: Yes Master.

EK: I love you, Magic Talking Live Journal!

MTLJ: You are my best friend!

EK: Sorry, I'm taken.

16 June, 2011


This is what 4:30 AM looks like.

Should I Get Rid of This?: Day 2 (black cardigan)

Isn't this dress great? However, it is not the focus of today's discussion.
black cardigan, orange dress (Forever 21), calculator watch (Walmart) and chacos (online).

I bought this cardigan at a thrift store because I assumed that I would have lots and lots of use for a black cardigan. This turned out to be untrue. I don't wear this sweater that often, which is weird because it looks fine, right? I think the dual issues at hand are 1. I wear a lot of brown, and wearing black and brown together usually looks dumb and 2. this sweater has kind of a knit, doilie-esque quality that means it would look too loud with a patterned dress.

I think I am going to say yea to this one. But if the Internet disagrees vehemently enough, I might be persuaded.

14 June, 2011

Should I Get Rid of This?: Day 1 (black lace dress)

When I first looked at this outfit in the mirror, my immediate thought was "Heavens to Betsy, I'm as big as a house."Wearing black lace dress, black t-shirt (thrifted), black skirt (JC Penney), silver sandals (Target) and silver headband (no idea ... Safeway?)

I bought this dress because it was really comfortable and flow-y and sometimes I like to spin around in a big dress like a five year-old girl. Also, it reminded me a little of 80s-era Madonna, and that's awesome. On the other hand, though, because it's so flow-y, it makes me look big. It would be a smashing maternity piece (I think about these things) but I'm not planning on becoming maternal in the proximate future, so that's a bit irrelevant.

Also, this dress has to be layered rather aggressively, because lace is diaphanous.

I was feeling pretty solid on giving this one away, but I am going to try it with a belt. And I met a friend for lunch and as soon as he saw me he started raving about how much he liked the dress, so that puts us back on the fence, vote-wise.

This really is a cute headband, even though you can't see it.

Lace | Everybody, Everywear


Here is a list of the items I am using for this month's 30 for 30. I like to include descriptions, not pictures, because surprises are fun. Not to mention the laziness factor. That is also important.


Black lace dress (thrifted)
Brown silk dress (random boutique in Paris)
Black polka dot dress (thrifted)
White sequin dress (some booth at Bumbershoot)
Brown maxi dress (thrifted)
Black puffed sleeve dress (BYU Bookstore)


Black sequin top (Charlotte Russe one thousand years ago)
Blue cardigan (thrifted)
Red ruffled shirt (Forever 21)
Red sweater (American Eagle, when dinosaurs roamed the earth)
Mustard sweater (Target I think?)
Black cardigan (thrifted)
White ruffle shirt (thrifted)
Blue bodysuit (Forever 21)


Yellow sequin skirt (hand-me-down from Lori)
Colorful South American skirt (thrifted)


I only own two pairs of pants, you guys.

Turquoise pants (thrifted)
Pleather leggings (Forever 21)


Turquoise blazer (thrifted, matches pants)
Khaki jacket (thrifted)
Grey plaid jacket (Macy's)


Black and tan saddle shoes (birthday gift from freshman year of college)
Brown cork heels (thrifted)


Blue lace gloves (somewhere in Amsterdam)
Brown cowboy belt (thrifted)
Grey flapper hat (thrifted)
Straw hat (Target)
Blue bandanna (probably shot out of a cannon or something)
Yellow stockings (Paris)
Blue knit hat (Urban Outfitters)

Some thoughts:

1. I am seriously not sure how I feel about sequins.
2. Spare me the "leggings are not pants" argument. They are plural, right?
3. If I end up getting rid of all of these things, I will not be losing very much money, because most of these were from Goodwill/DI/VV, etc.

I Love Trash.

I love Caroll Spinney.

So I have decided to once again participate in this season's 30 for 30. LET'S GET READY FOR MORE POSTS ABOUT CLOTHES YOU GUYS. HOLD ONTO YOUR FIGURATIVE HATS.

Here's the thing. With Kendi's permission, I am choosing to personalize this 30 for 30 to fit my current needs. There are some clothing items I have that I am on the fence about. I need to take 'em out for a further spin and get some feedback on whether or not I should keep them. (Mo, I was partially inspired by you).

So, allow me to present .... 30 f0r 30: the "Should I get rid of this?" Edition!!!

Clothes! Drama! Voting! It's like a reality show up in herrrrre.

Here are the rules of the game:

1. I have 30 items, including shoes, hats, and accessories, and I will make a valiant effort to wear each one at least twice, to really get a feel for the piece.
2. I can accentuate each piece with whatever items I want. The thing is, many of these items are so dramatic/unusual/make me look like a hobo that wearing them all together would be a recipe for clown college. And I'm starting grad school next week. I need to look normal.
3. Please leave comments on each outfit (I will specify what piece is the "featured" one) and let me know if you think I should keep it or get rid of it. I'm asking for your feedback so you won't hurt my feelings.
4. Thanks in advance! XOXOX

TO THE DUDES: I totally want your feedback too. But if you want to take a hiatus from reading my blog for a month, that's cool. Just be aware that YOU WILL ALSO MISS MY POST ABOUT STAR TREK CON WHICH MAY INCLUDE COSTUMES.

13 June, 2011

I hate these strangers.

The worst feeling, aside from getting elbowed in the boob, is having to return a library book before I am done with it EVEN IF I HAVE LOTS OF RENEWALS LEFT because some buttmunch has placed a hold on it.

I do not like these people. YOU CAN HAVE THEM WHEN I'M DONE WITH THEM GOSH.

And the library always sides against me.

10 June, 2011

Catching up, part one.

Did you know that when you play Apples to Apples, it's also a form of FORTUNE TELLING?

That's right. Whatever cards you win are descriptors of your personality.


09 June, 2011

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.

Go ahead and listen to this song and replace Kotter with Koler:

Have you noticed I have not blogged in a long time? Maybe you have, maybe you haven't. I'm not going to apologize for not blogging, because I'M NOT SORRY. I am also not sorry that this quarter is over, because working fulltime and going to school fulltime is totally exhausting. IT IS THE WORST. Did not enjoy. For all those who did that for four plus years: I SALUTE YOU.

Over the past quarter, I have been so frequently pressed for time that I have become disgusting. Evidence:

1. One time I borrowed my employer's husband's deodorant when I needed to go straight from work to school. Fact: ladies should not smell like Old Spice.
2. Once, while eating dinner/studying in bed, I spilled yakisoba sauce on my sheets and rather than wash them, I just slept in them. Fact: I still haven't washed them yet. Probably this weekend.
3. I also washed my hair in the sink at work.
4. Another time, I dumped cornstarch in my hair at work because I needed to go to school and I had not showered. Fact: I am an Italian greaseball.*
5. Tonight, I ate M&Ms for dinner. Plain. Because they were part of the visual aid for my math class.

Don't worry, I have lots of great stuff in the works! Here's a preview:

1. Even more 2011 books.
2. Installment 1 of Book vs. Movie vs. Movie.
3. Installment 2 of 30 for 30: the "Should I get rid of this?" edition.
4. Installment 1 of I Really, Really Love TV.
5. In-depth reporting on Star Trek Con 2011 in Vancouver, BC. HELL YES I AM GOING TO THAT.
6. Kevin Clash.

Here's to a great summer!

*Also fact: I am not Italian.