28 January, 2012

From the archives: January 28, 2004

Funny convo at lunch today...

So last night I had this dream that I met Ben Lewis' dad [note: Ben is my friend who is a math major], and that he gave me this math test that had all these complicated derivatives, and I couldn't do it. I told Ben about this dream today at lunch, and he commented that his dad was an artist and probably couldn't do much in the way of derivatives either.

Me: Man, what if my kids are smarter than I am? That would SUCK!
Danny: No, it would be great. In fact, I think I'll have kids right now, so they can be smart and support me in my old age.
Me: But wouldn't it suck to not be able to help your kids with school?
Chris: No, you'd just say "I can't help you with this, it wouldn't be right."
Me: That's true. That works both ways, I mean.
Danny: Well, I'll just say "Shut up! Who's your daddy?"
Chris: "Don't forget I MADE you!!!!"
Danny: "How much math do you think THAT took?"

In summary, I love my friends.

18 January, 2012


If you want to hear some solid reasoning why SOPA is the worst thing ever please click here.

And here.

And then go here to add your name to long list of people who oppose breaking the internet. 

12 January, 2012

From the archives: January 12, 2004

Note: Eight years later, this is still totally true.

Don't you think that's marvelous, darling?

Know who I remind myself of?
Liza Minelli.