14 June, 2011


Here is a list of the items I am using for this month's 30 for 30. I like to include descriptions, not pictures, because surprises are fun. Not to mention the laziness factor. That is also important.


Black lace dress (thrifted)
Brown silk dress (random boutique in Paris)
Black polka dot dress (thrifted)
White sequin dress (some booth at Bumbershoot)
Brown maxi dress (thrifted)
Black puffed sleeve dress (BYU Bookstore)


Black sequin top (Charlotte Russe one thousand years ago)
Blue cardigan (thrifted)
Red ruffled shirt (Forever 21)
Red sweater (American Eagle, when dinosaurs roamed the earth)
Mustard sweater (Target I think?)
Black cardigan (thrifted)
White ruffle shirt (thrifted)
Blue bodysuit (Forever 21)


Yellow sequin skirt (hand-me-down from Lori)
Colorful South American skirt (thrifted)


I only own two pairs of pants, you guys.

Turquoise pants (thrifted)
Pleather leggings (Forever 21)


Turquoise blazer (thrifted, matches pants)
Khaki jacket (thrifted)
Grey plaid jacket (Macy's)


Black and tan saddle shoes (birthday gift from freshman year of college)
Brown cork heels (thrifted)


Blue lace gloves (somewhere in Amsterdam)
Brown cowboy belt (thrifted)
Grey flapper hat (thrifted)
Straw hat (Target)
Blue bandanna (probably shot out of a cannon or something)
Yellow stockings (Paris)
Blue knit hat (Urban Outfitters)

Some thoughts:

1. I am seriously not sure how I feel about sequins.
2. Spare me the "leggings are not pants" argument. They are plural, right?
3. If I end up getting rid of all of these things, I will not be losing very much money, because most of these were from Goodwill/DI/VV, etc.

1 comment:

katiekono said...

So, what happened to all the NICE clothes you bought in Phoenix? And are you really going to wear these items to CHURCH?