14 June, 2011

Should I Get Rid of This?: Day 1 (black lace dress)

When I first looked at this outfit in the mirror, my immediate thought was "Heavens to Betsy, I'm as big as a house."Wearing black lace dress, black t-shirt (thrifted), black skirt (JC Penney), silver sandals (Target) and silver headband (no idea ... Safeway?)

I bought this dress because it was really comfortable and flow-y and sometimes I like to spin around in a big dress like a five year-old girl. Also, it reminded me a little of 80s-era Madonna, and that's awesome. On the other hand, though, because it's so flow-y, it makes me look big. It would be a smashing maternity piece (I think about these things) but I'm not planning on becoming maternal in the proximate future, so that's a bit irrelevant.

Also, this dress has to be layered rather aggressively, because lace is diaphanous.

I was feeling pretty solid on giving this one away, but I am going to try it with a belt. And I met a friend for lunch and as soon as he saw me he started raving about how much he liked the dress, so that puts us back on the fence, vote-wise.

This really is a cute headband, even though you can't see it.

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katiekono said...

"30 for 30" uh... Does this mean we are going to see you in a different outfit for 30 days?

Kayla said...

I'd like to withhold my vote until I see it with a colored belt. Because I think a funky belt would make all the difference here, ya know?


theFinn said...

I'm going to be bold and vote FOR this dress! I agree that the idea of a colorful belt (or scarf used as belt) would probably make it more awesome, but I like it enough to take my stand now. Unless the layering is too obnoxious, but only you can decide that.