Unclutterer Organization for the hoarder in all of us.
Kendi Everyday A not-boring fashion blog.
Here's Lookin' at You, Kid Come for the photog tips, stay for the adorable children.
Design Mom Crafts, giveaways, cuteness.
Dooce Motherhood minus the cheese.
Frugal Wife, Healthy Life Hate the title, love the advice.
Girls Gone Child More on motherhood from the delightfully real.
Ohdeedoh HELLZ YEAH your baby gets a birthday party.
Sesame Street It's still funny.
Herbivoracious Veggie recipes for the ambitious.

Comics/stuff for comic nerds

Comically Vintage Delightful collection of out-of-context panels. Hilarity ensues.
3eanuts Charlie Brown, but funnier.
Garfield Minus Garfield Garfield, but WAY funnier.
A Softer World For cynics.
Basic Instructions Not just for beginners.
Dinosaur Comics Sexy and exciting, sometimes about linguistics.
Doghouse Stick figure fun.
Hark, a Vagrant! Ladies and lit.
Hyperbole and a Half One of the best storytellers out there.
Married to the Sea Weird or funny, often both.
Mythfits A robot and a unicorn fall in love.
Nedroid Boy humor, good stuff. 
The Oatmeal It's cool 'cause he's from Seattle. 
Our Valued Customers A comic about weirdos who like comics.
Surviving the World I wish this guy toured. 
Things Could Be Worse Charming paintings that always make me smile.
XKCD If you don't read this, you deserve to have your Internet taken away.

Other stuff I personally find funny

Animal Review Pretty much exactly what it sounds like. 
Awesome People Hanging Out Together Again, exactly what it sounds like.
Awkward Family Photos Ad-heavy, but still funny. 
Better Book Titles So clever.
Catalog Living Hasn't gotten old yet.  
Caught Dead In That When it's funny, it's REALLY funny. 
Color Me Katie One of the most delightful photogs out there. 
Eye On Springfield Stuff from when The Simpsons was great. 
Fake Science Great style. 
Feminist Ryan Gosling Sexy men and feminist theory = BEST. 

Stuff I find interesting or cool

Avalanche Software They post cool drawings. 
Dog Milk Slick design for the puppies. 
Geeky Tattoos Don't have any myself, but high five to those who do. 
Overthinking It One of my favorite podcasts. 
Smart Pop Books Collections of essays on things I love. 
ToughPigs Adult Muppet fans? You have a place here.