23 June, 2011

Should I Get Rid of This?: Day 6 (mustard sweater)

Today I have decided to get rid of two things.

wearing mustard sweater, turquoise skirt (some store in the mall), blue galoshes (GAP)

Two thumbs down for this whole outfit. The sweater makes me look wide, and the skirt is out of style. I'm planning to get rid of both. Love the galoshes though. Thoughts?


Ashley said...

I kinda like the skirt, but that sweater makes me need to gouge my eyes out!

Kayla said...

Big nay on the sweater. I think the skirt might be cuter if it was knee length...but maybe it already is and I can't tell because of the angle?

Keep the galoshes for sure.

Elisa said...

The skirt is slightly longer than knee length and rides up a lot. It also sits up really high on my hips, the zipper is broken and it blows up in the wind. BOO.

Wren/Karen said...

I actually like the color of the sweater. But I like gold/orange/yellow colored things. This sweater is problematic though because of it's neckline and cuffs. It looks like a sweatshirt instead of a sweater. Which just makes it an article of clothing that clearly doesn't know what it wants out of life.

theFinn said...

I wholeheartedly support your decision on both counts. I sometimes like that sweater color, but I don't think it's for you.

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