16 October, 2009

This one's for Alli

Things I've done that I will Never Do Again:

1. Eat at the grotesquely-named Chuck-a-Rama.
2. Floated in the Great Salt Lake.
3. Watched the abominations of film Along Came Polly and Meet the Parents.
4. Saw Modest Mouse in concert in 1997.
5. Stayed at a hostel in the bad part of Amsterdam.
6. Registered for a CHUM class.
7. Eaten biscuits and gravy.
8. Bought clothes at Urban Outfitters.
9. Studied classical Latin.
10. Donated money to PAWS.
11. Complimented someone for donating their hair to Locks of Love.
12. Lost my cell phone in the Provo River.
13. Shaved my eyebrows.
14. Studied for the LSAT.
15. Used a dvorak keyboard.
16. Ate an entire pizza.
17. Banked with Wells Fargo.
18. Bought fake meat "ribs."
19. Sold all the books I owned.
20. Cut my own hair.


TheMoncurs said...

Chuck-a-Rama frightens me. We also have a similar place here called "The Feed Bucket." Ya. I'm never going to either.

theFinn said...

Why will you never again compliment Locks of Love? You hate people with cancer?

Melanee said...

Yeah, I want to hear the Locks of Love story.

Rachel. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rachel. said...

I will never do 14 or 20 again either. I will however continue to eat whole pizzas.

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