26 October, 2009

I have read the BYU Honor Code many, many times, and it really isn't much of a problem for me. In a "spirit of the law" sort of way.

Things I have NEVER resorted to out of boredom:

1. Committing a crime against the Government.
2. Fornicating.
3. Experimenting with alcohol or drugs.
4. Rebelling against my parents.
5. Rebelling against the Church.
6. Encouraging others to fornicate.
7. Downloading porn.
8. Building bombs.

Things I HAVE resorted to out of boredom:

1. Baking cornbread.
2. Creating a Facebook page for my dog.
3. Riding my bike down the street while singing "I think I see the light" by Cat Stevens at the top of my lungs.

I may not always obey that silly Honor Code to the letter.

But clearly, I am a danger to no one.

1 comment:

Austin said...

agreed. I heartily agree.

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