14 October, 2009

Demi Moore is turning over in her grave

I used to really hate old people, but now I think they are OK.

Tonight when I was working at the temple, I did initiatories with an 80 year-old woman named Neomi. When our shift was almost over, she turned to me and said, in all her adorable old-lady-ness, "It was a pleasure working with you tonight."

I smiled back and said, "Ditto."

However, it occurs to me now it is quite possible that Neomi does not know what the word "ditto" means and was completely confused by my response. Perhaps she wondered if she had misheard what I said? Maybe that happens a lot, because she is old.

I am only 75% sure that conversation went as planned.


eden said...

shouldn't a person be dead before thy can turn over in their grave?

just wondering.

Elisa said...

Hahaha yeah. Um that's actually a REALLY obscure simpsons reference. I am a geek.