25 October, 2009

1. What I should have said 2. What I said

1. Of course I remember you, Mike.
2. Of course I remember you, Chris.

1. Oh, yes I've been there! The glass museum is to die for. And the people are humble and ready for the gospel. How lucky you are to be called there as a missionary.
2. Yeah. Gross. Tacoma STINKS. No seriously, like to high Heaven.

1. Congratulations! What a cutie.
2. How is that possible? You've only been married a month.

1. How lucky you both are to have found each other.
2. After THREE MONTHS? Are you insane?

1. A ballroom dance major? No kidding. I've never met a male ballroom dance major before.
2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. No, seriously, what's your major?

1. Thank you, I'm flattered but I'm not interested.
2. I would, but I have a ... uh ... intramural water polo game? Wait, you WHAT?

1. Yes, thank you, I have always wanted to attend a Pearl Jam concert.
2. Sorry, I have to study.

1. Please do not address my friend in such a rude manner. Thank you.
2. Shut up, toolshed.

1. My mother is a teacher and I admire them very much.
2. Have you noticed that elementary school teachers tend to be the bottom of the intellectual barrel?

1. Shoot, I'm so sorry. I completely forgot about the Relief Society activity last night that was supposed to be held at my house. Were you able to find an alternative location?
2. Huh? Shit.

1. Of course I will.
2. No, no, I don't deserve you.

1. You're right.
2. (Sullen silence)


TheMoncurs said...

Awesome. I have those moments allll the time.

Gordon said...

The third from the last one's my favorite.

L'homme pressé said...

its all so sad I think. Well, except for Tacoma.

theFinn said...

Jordan and I had a good laugh out of these. Marilyn once laughed at a guy on a blind date who said his major was MFHD and asked what his real major was. Shortest blind date in history.

Leah said...

Hilarious! My "what I should have said/what I said" moments aren't nearly as funny as this. :D