13 October, 2009

Scattered thoughts in two parts each

1a. I have started training for a half-marathon in the sometime future and it makes me feel like a whole person. I love running so hard that my lips tingle. I love feeling sweat on my neck. And I love how I feel for hours after. Post-running euphoria got nothing on drugs.

1b. That being said, it was very disheartening today when, while I was running on the indoor BYU track, I was passed on the left by a midget.

2a. I missed General Conference last weekend because I was in Arizona for the wedding. However, it's kind of nice to catch up on General Conference talks on my iPod while running and have every talk be absolutely new.

2b. I can't help but notice which GAs have Utah accents and which don't. Thanks a lot, Dr. Baker.

3a. I hate baseball.

3b. But I love baseball movies.

1 comment:

Rachel. said...

I love almost all sports movies, even when I hate the sports. Including baseball.