15 October, 2009

A Good Day

This morning I had a midterm for which I was not well-prepared. Luckily, my friend Betsy offered to meet me on campus at 8:30, one hour before class, and help me get caught up on some of the stuff I've missed from the lectures. I keep missing this class for some reason.

Not that it's a mystery. I know the reason.

Anyway, I woke up at 8 and went into the bathroom to get ready, when I discovered that someone was asleep on our bathroom floor. This person's head was right by the toilet and he/she was snoring loudly. I came in and realized I simply would not be comfortable peeing with another human's head so close by.

Nor could I, obviously, shower.

I went into the kitchen and brushed my teeth, but when I emptied out my retainer case my retainer went down the disposal. I got it out and washed the eggshells off. That was a low point.

And yet, I'm going to see Where the Wild Things Are. Tonight.

It's a good day.


TheMoncurs said...

...were you able to figure out WHO was sleeping in your bathroom?

Austin said...

i second the above question.

also, the way you write just makes me laugh inside. I like it. lots.

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