19 March, 2010

It's the little things...

Today was one of those really long days at work--not so much because it was Friday, but because C spit up on me three times and is teething and D is going through a "throwing food from her high chair" phase and I was just kind of annoyed. Oh well. However, this little moment made it all worthwhile. Maybe.

Note: D is no longer breastfed. She sees her mom nursing C all the time, which is probably the source of this conversation.
Scene: I am standing next to D, age 2.

D: (gesticulating wildly, which usually indicates she wants to be picked up) Hey! Hey!
Me: Hey? (I lean over to pick her up)
D: (GRABS my boobs, one in each hand, like a frat boy) Milk! MILK!!
Me: Uh...no, there's no milk in there.
D: (insistently) Milk!!!
Me: Nope. No milk. Only Mommy has milk. Not Elisa.
D: (looks utterly flabbergasted) No milk? (Her hands have not yet left my breasts)
Me: Nope.
D: (Grabs my shirt and struggles to lift it up, presumably to see for herself if what I say is true) Wanna see! Wanna see!


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Anonymous said...

Elisa, That's so sweet and funny! Did I ever tell you that i used to think (at age 3) that my mom had one breast for orange juice and one for milk????