13 March, 2010

I LOVE YOU DAVID aka "We're either siblings, or friends who look nothing alike."

Here are the ingredients for a delightful evening.



Local soda. Flavors: lemongrass, grape, root beer, and other.

Pigs in Blankets.*

*Mine are vegetarian. Please note that I marked mine with green food coloring to distinguish them from David's all-beef kosher franks. They look alike when cooked. Everyone in my family says that veggie hot dogs are vile, but I like them. They remind me of the nitrate-y taste of cheap meat that I love so much.



In my opinion, David and Christina should move to Seattle, pronto. That way almost everyone I loved could be in the same city. That's what I think.


Anonymous said...

Cute pix and post, Elisa! David looks so sweet in his checked shirt! Did you get a car????

L'homme Masqued said...

Your brother is so awesome.

er, was so awesome four years ago when I last saw him.