02 March, 2010

What I'm Listening to and Thinking About

I promise that very soon I will actually write stuff instead of just posting videos and such. Until then....

These are some songs I really like.

At first I thought this was a music video (in COLOR!) then I realized it wasn't.

Another old school song that I have been listening to lately, though it is not quite as old school as Sam Cooke, is this.

And then there is this. I love how it changes moods right in the middle.

Also, I really want to go to this. Does anyone want to come?

Alternatively, if this is more your style, I am looking for someone to accompany me to this event as well.

1 comment:

eden said...

that warrior thing looks awesome.

closest i've come to that is running in the mud run on the camp pendleton base. it's pretty sweet.

i'm going to have to look into the warrior dash (or whatever it's called).

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