24 March, 2010

This will explain a lot.

Anyone who is close to me has probably noticed that I fret about my friends' health and safety like a neurotic mother hen. Many people assume that I will be one of those overprotective mothers who won't let her children cross the street until college. I hope this will not be the case.

I like to think that I am only rattled by situations that are a genuine cause for concern. Real health hazards instead of imaginary ones. I mean, I let D jump on the couch, so I can be too bad, right?

Don't answer that.

I blame my father for my constant worrying about safety. The following conversation will illustrate why.

Scene: I have just gotten home from the dog park and am making some lunch. My dad comes downstairs from the attic.

Dad: I need your help installing some insulation.
Me: OK. Right now? I'd like to eat something first.
Dad: No, in a few minutes. I'm taking a break. (starts rubbing his eye)
Me: Is your eye OK?
Dad: Just some dust.
Me: (putting two and two together) Have you been wearing goggles?
Dad: I don't know where they are.
Me: What the hell? I am NOT helping you up there without goggles.
Dad: Oh, it's just dust!
Dad: You'll be fine!
Me: I am not risking getting fiberglass in my eye. No. Goggles. Where are they?

So he proceeded to find me some goggles, all the while grumbling about what a "baby" I am.


This is why I am deeply concerned about the physical welfare abut everyone who is dear to me. Because apparently my own father is cool with me installing insulation without regulation safety equipment. I mean GEEZ.

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Anonymous said...

I can relate. A few months ago my dad decided the tree in our front yard was unstable, and needed to be supported using some fancy system that basically anchored the tree to itself. It required he spent a LOT of time up in the tree and meant I spent a LOT of time pacing around the front yard, ready to race to my cell phone to call 911 if he fell. It doesn't help that he has a history of falling out of large trees and seriously injuring himself, but I swear I almost had a few heart attacks.