23 March, 2009

Another Roommate Conversation, Recorded

So tonight my roommate Celia was convalescent on the couch and I came out into the living room to talk to her. Just for a minute! I was wearing some clothes, but not all of the recommended ones. Just a bra and leggings. Anyway, my other roommate Amalia happened to walk in right at that moment.

Me: I hope you're alone.
Ama: I am. But geez, you need to be careful. After midnight, maybe. But it's only ten o'clock.
Me: Whatever (I start to dance seductively)
Ama: Stop it. STOP IT!
Me: Hahahahahaha. I don't know why making people uncomfortable brings me such pleasure.
Ama: I don't know, either.
Celia: I'm not uncomfortable.
Me: Ha. My conservative roommate.

Then I slapped her on the butt. I'm. Ridiculous.

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