12 March, 2009

Six Minute Freewrite

I have gone clubbing twice in the past seven days. I don't know if like it, honestly. I love dancing, and the BYU DJs really don't do it for me (I swear the last dance we went to the DJ was trying to torture us with irony: 90s music is cute once or twice, but not ALL NIGHT LONG). Anyway, my first time, if you will (not counting concerts and the hotel lounge Katie and I used to go to in Seattle) was a real disappointment, mostly because (and I say this with love) everyone was ugly and gross and smelled bad. It was like the second half of Bedazzled when the devil takes Elliott back to the club where she had made him sell his soul and he realizes that everyone is actually dirty and miserable. Additionally, everyone there was so self-consciously drunk, as if they had an agenda. Which, seeing as this is Utah, I'm sure they did. I'm sure they had something to prove. But I did not. I just wanted to look cute and dance with my girlfriends and not get grabbed in the chest. Mission accomplished.

So I was a bit wary about going again last night to the same place. Fact: I forgot my ID. I grabbed my BYU ID instead. Like THAT"S gonna help me get into a bar! It would have been funny to show them that and see what they did. Maybe they would take it as proof that I wasn't going to be any trouble, seeing as I was such an idiot? Probably not, though. Anyway, I walked in with my friend's ID after she got stamped. She looks a bit like me, just stretched out. We don't look THAT much alike, but the bouncer clearly hated his job and didn't care. I might feel bad about this, but the fact is I AM over 21 (quite).



pamily said...

i know you weren't feeling great, but did you at least enjoy dancing a little bit more the second time? I agree with the everyone looking/smelling weird. Sadly, that's where drinking comes in. I am def not interested in clubs to meet men. No thank you! I'll stick to dancing with my girls.
Btw, I love you boo!

Ashley said...

Did I ever tell you about my scant clubbing experience? I used to go with my friends from the theater dept to the "Alternative Lifestyle" night to a local club. It was amazing--guys would come up and want to dance and at the end of the song they'd tell you how great you look and kiss you on the cheek and since they were gay, they wouldn't come back unless they wanted to dance again! It was awesome.

Then I went to a straight club with my friends and man did I get mad! Guys would come up to my friends and grind up on their butts and stay there until my friends would physically push them away--and they'd keep coming back! Perverts.

I recommend the gay scene for women who want to go dancing. You might get labeled a Fag Hag but at least you won't get violated.

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