20 November, 2008

Shameless Plug...

...for the SEGO Arts Foundation.

I owe Amalia for my paltry involvement in this, but SEGO is a nonprofit that works to bring art to Utah Valley--both to give local artists the exposure they need to make it in the art world (not eat) and to make everybody in Provo aware of art in general.

SEGO makes me happy. http://www.segoarts.org/

Tonight I went to an artists' lecture where a couple of the participants in the recent juried show talked about their work. Nothing too fancy. There wasn't even any cheese. But I loved it there. I feel so alive in that space. And I'm not even a bloody artist.

I realized that night, just with more fervor, that I really really really miss doing creative stuff. I mean, I create blog entries, and term papers, but I really really miss writing poetry.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

I miss working on that thing I wrote before my mission...

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