25 November, 2008

Lighthearted, whimsical post

Alli tagged me to do this (technically, she tagged Cori and I, because we are one person).

5 TV Shows I Love to Watch:
1) The Simpsons
2) The Office
3) Sesame Street (Shut up. I'm awesome.)
4) Star Trek: the Next Generation (I'm not even ashamed)
5) Yo Gabba Gabba (true, I've only seen it once. But I liked it!)

5 Favorite Restaurants:
1) The papusa place on Center Street that's so authentic it doesn't even have a name.
2) The Ethiopian place in Seattle that is so authentic I can't even begin to spell its name.
3) The green restaurant in Miskolc with the really snooty waiters.
4) Thai Ruby.
5) Any place that sells Indian food.

5 Things That Happened Yesterday:
1) I chose not to go to my last class of the day and it turned out that the professor was in court watching his daughter formalize his granddaughter's adoption and he didn't make it back on time, so class didn't happen anyway.
2) I pondered the possibility of my being psychic.
3) I wrote an ABSURDLY low-quality paper about global warming.
4) I worked out at the gym for an hour.
5) I rehearsed Magnus Herodus with my group and our adviser.

5 Things I Love About Fall:
1) Leaves. Leaves turning colors. Leaves falling. Leaves crunching under my boots. Leaves leaves leaves.
2) The "First Day of School."
3) Busting out my tweed winter jacket and my purple galoshes. Sometimes together.
4) Little kids dressed up in costume.
5) Thanksgiving.

5 Things On My Wishlist:
1) True love.
2) To learn Spanish.
3) For Sego to stop pooping in the house permanently.
4) For Grady to stop drawing on the walls when I leave him alone for two seconds. Little jerk.
5) A cure for scleroderma.

5 People I Tag:
1) Ashley.
2) Kayla.
3) Alan.
4) Vilja.
5) Evan.

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theFinn said...

At first I thought this said, "5 people I love." I was so honored, even though I was a bit upset about only being #4. Then reality set it. Sigh.