10 November, 2008

17 things I am afraid of

1. Police Officers.
2. Fireworks.
Most people think I'm crazy for this. I trace it to when my parents and I were walking around Cederbrook on the Fourth of July when I was three or four and a drunk guy threw a firecracker at me.
3. Jumping from high places.
4. Hot oil or very hot water.
Specifically, putting food into hot water or oil when there is a danger of said hot water or oil splashing my hand. Stop laughing! It hurts!
5. Asking favors from mean people.
6. Exposed electrical wires.
7. Insulation.
That's another weird one. I trace it to the time my dad was remodeling the blue house and installed insulation without a mask. He coughed blood for days. I was ten.
8. My debit card getting rejected at a store.
That happened once, but it wasn't my fault. Stupid Boeing Employees Credit Union...
9. Crocodiles.
I have never actually seen a crocodile in the wild. But I know they're scary.
10. Accidentally stapling my finger with one of those electric staplers.
11. Nail guns.
I'm sure my father never envisioned that trauma he would cause by making me help him with all his home-improvement projects...
12. Meeting an apostle and having him look into my soul and tell me I'm a bad person.
No lie, when David A. Bednar came to visit our mission I was PETRIFIED. I was sure he was going to look me in the eye and tell me to go home. He didn't. For the record, he was very nice. I think he could tell how frightened I was.
13. Stepping in a bee's nest.
I was stung by a bee for the first time in August. Before then I thought there was a distinct possibility that I was allergic to bee stings.
14. Falling through a window.
This has actually happened to me. However, it was a plastic window, not glass; and on the first floor, so I didn't get injured.
15. Rats eating the bottoms of my feet while I sleep.
I wish my father had saved his stories of living in Samoa for when I was a bit older.
16. That I'm crazy and everyone realizes it but me.
Seriously, how much would that suck?
17. Spraying some sort of noxious chemical into my good eye.
I'm not sure how but I'm pretty sure this one is Dad's fault, too. Think of what a well-adjusted person I could have been!

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