25 November, 2008

Continuing with the trend towards the shallow...

So. I saw the Twilight movie last night. Ready? This is a real shocker.


I truly, unabashedly enjoyed that film. It was BETTER THAN THE BOOK. The book was ridiculous and at times painful. I finished it out of morbid curiosity. The movie was also a little ridiculous, but it recognized that it was and so pulled off something the book could not: it was romantic and funny, and those parts overlapped, at no one's expense.

The actress who played Bella was perfectly cast. Her looks and mannerisms were exactly the way I pictured her. She is, alas, much better looking than I am, so those among my friends who got a kick out of picturing Bella as me (I'm looking at you, Ashley) are in for a rude awakening. The actor who played her dad was great too. He was sweet and bumbling without being over-the-top.

The vampires, OK. Their make-up was pancake-tastic, and they all looked like they were constantly practicing their Zoolander blue steel faces. But come on, people. This is a pulp film about a girl that falls in love with a teenage vampire. What were you expecting the vampires to look like? And true, Bella and Edward never actually say "I love you" on screen. But that stuff is private. Maybe that was a last-ditch attempt to be post-modern.

And Kayla, I totally checked out Rosalie's butt, and you're right. It is to die for. I would sell a kidney to have a behind like that. Maybe I'll start doing squats.

In short, aside from the Linkin Park song at the end, I find no fault with this film aside from the following lines:
"You caught that?" --Jacob. (In context, it was silly. Trust me.)
"Hold on tight, spider monkey." -Edward.

Edward: And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.
Bella: What a stupid lamb.
Edward: What a sick, masochistic lion.

Compared to the number of times a line in the book would send me running to the basin, that is downright spectacular.

Go see twilight, guys. The end.


Sterling and Cori Anne said...

I liked it too! And I appreciated the Seattle references. Like when Billy Black mentioned they were going to watch the Mariners game. Nice Touch!

mathistown said...

You've given me new reason to see Twilight! I felt the very same way about books. They were like marshmellows: sweet, gooey, not something I'd ever want to eat more than once in a blue moon (or new moon..heh heh...pun intended!), but fun for a brief respite from the other healthy, substantive things in my life.

And I'd love to have a puppy playdate!!! Do you have one puppy or two? I've seen two in pictures but I'm just not sure..my puppy is very shy but sweet as can be, and I'd love him to make more friends!

And I'd certainly love to see YOU!!

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