20 November, 2008

Funny Conversation with Cherie

Background information: a big group of us have decided we want to go to a showing of Twilight on Monday. None of us are real fans, but we thought it would be fun to do as a group of elitists, or ironic intellectuals, or whatever we are. So we looked up the tickets on fandango, and accidentally bought tickets for a showing in North Carolina. Crap. Of course the tickets are nonrefundable. Soon after, Cherie and I had the following conversation via facebook chat (I cut out some stuff that is a little too personal):
10:54pm Cherie

Elisa-Did you buy a ticket for North Carolina? If you did, please let me pay for your Provo ticket to make it up for my poor posting of Twilight. I don't know what I was thinking posting (and buying tickets) for a theater in NC.

10:50pm Elisa

dude I fell for it too

I should have paid attention

10:51pm Cherie

I am so so so so sorry-It is totally my fault-you only trusted me, who didn't pay attention to where I was buying tickets from. I am buying your Provo ticket and that is that.

10:51pm Elisa


it will be a funny story for later

10:53pm Cherie

Don't even mention it. I am more embarrassed than anything. Both you and Chris contacted me to point out that there were no tickets available at the Wynnsong at Provo-which should have been like my first clue, but I just though you guys weren't able to link in to right page-which of course you weren't because it was for NC. Anyways-it will make a funny story, and I'm purchasing them now.


I love you.

10:55pm Cherie

You too-I'm glad you're coming! And I'm so excited for the movie-I hope there are lots of screaming fans.

10:56pm Elisa

we should dress up

and bathe in ice cubes beforehand


our skin would be so cold. I'm already pale enough to pull off the vampire look.

10:57pm Cherie

have you read the books?

10:57pm Elisa

just the first one

I skimmed the most recent one for the honeymoon scene

and was sorely disappointed

10:58pm Cherie

I have read all four-the last one was by far the worst one

10:58pm Elisa

I won't lie, I read the summaries of all of them on wiki

I just love the cultural phenomenon it has become

It feels like watching the world burn, a little bit

but in a funny way

10:59pm Cherie

why were you disappointed with the honeymoon scene? Not sexy enough?

11:00pm Elisa

I guess a little. it felt like a letdown


11:00pm Cherie

i totally agree-it is bizarre-the whole phenomenon

11:01pm Elisa

this mormon girl has a little fantasy that makes her SUPER RICH

how am I not so lucky?

maybe my fantasies aren't interesting enough...

11:01pm Cherie

That's funny-I honestly found all of the sex scenes to be some of the creepiest sex scenes I have ever read-I've read way worse stuff, but i got the hebegebees with her stuff

no-i bet they are, you just aren't that lucky

11:02pm Elisa


11:02pm Cherie

it's not like they're actually good

11:02pm Elisa

do you think she's a good writer?

cause some of the phrases, at least in the first book, made me laugh in derision

but I'm kind of a jerk

11:03pm Cherie

no-i think that her story is interesting (until the fourth book-it got a little weird) but she is a horrible writer

11:03pm Elisa

see, I think J K Rowling is brilliant

11:04pm Cherie

my friend was listening to them on tape at work (well her coworkers were) and can you imagine those horrible phrases and dialogue actually spoken out loud

11:04pm Elisa


I can't

it's too horrible

11:04pm Cherie

i agree with your assesment of jk-she's so much better-you can't compare the two-although many people do

from what i hear the english department is trying to divorce themselves of her

well at least the creative writing professors are

they're claiming they never taught her

11:05pm Elisa


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