03 August, 2010

Poll Results.

The poll is closed, and the results are in. I am disappointed that so many of you dishonest doofuses claimed to be my mother. I only have one. Sheesh.

In accordance with the people, the picture stays the same. This will save me time and effort, so thanks.



theFinn said...


I demand change! And progress! Who cares what the people say?

Grant said...

I think some spam bots probably voted no. That picture is sub-optimal.

I like you, though. You are nice, and pretty. No taking that opinion personally.

sarah said...

this is funny, because my dad's wife petitioned on more than one occasion that i change the teletubbies picture that was at the top of my blog.

she said it was creepy.

i changed mine.

i'm not sure she likes it better, though.


(glad you left yours up.)

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