05 August, 2010

An Inventory.

Tonight I did an inventory of my life. I do this when I start to feel bored or annoyed with my goals and accomplishments, which honestly, isn't super often. I don't share the whole list with anyone because it's too personal and even (especially?) those of you who love me the most would judge me for it. But, allow me to present a numerical break-down.

Years I have lived: 25
Years I will live according to this website: 105 (Word of Wisdom, biatches!)
Years I have left: 80

Goals I have:

Total: 82
Accomplished: 12

Goals that require me to be married or close to it: 5
Goals that require me to have children: 2
Goals that I can do whenever the hell I want: 63

So you know, there's that.

If I start talking a lot about Scrabble tournaments and hot air balloon rides and travelling to the East China Sea,* you'll now know where it's coming from.

*These are all actual life goals.

1 comment:

Leah said...

I love these!!!

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