29 August, 2010

On weddings.

I used to dread my own wedding. I am not much one for "special days," if that makes any sense, mostly because of the added pressure for everything to be perfect that often leads to everyone freaking out instead of enjoying the special day, which was the purpose of the special day to begin with. I always assumed that weddings cannot be fun--at least not for the bride and groom. They are usually too tired and stressed and stretched to the limit to remember anything, let alone enjoy it.

However, last night I went to my cousin's wedding, and I remembered why special days are actually kind of nice. The bride and groom actually seemed to be enjoying themselves.

She looked beautiful. He was wearing a suit. Everybody in my family was there and dressed up and sitting together. Another cousin read a poem. Another made a drunken toast. We ate hummus and dolma and feta cheese and did a Turkish dance in a circle. Everybody got drunker and drunker and danced more and more stupidly (including me, though I was not drunk) and it was just a big, crazy party.

I know I have been writing a lot about how badass and gorgeous and fantastic my family is, but that is because it is true.

Also, I am TOTALLY playing this song on my wedding slideshow.


theFinn said...

As far as special days go, I think my wedding was pretty stress-free. Well, for me, at least. I just pushed the stress onto other people instead. AND there was stupid dancing involved.

Rachel S said...

I can testify to the stupid dancing at theFinn's wedding. I was a main contributor.

I also had a blast at my own wedding reception. Stupid dancing being a contributing factor. Pushing the stress off on to other people is a great idea.

Rachel S said...

Also, please invite me to your wedding.

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