08 November, 2009


A life without traditions is hardly a life at all. I enjoy traditions of the large-scale variety (such as Christmas, and National Waffle Day) and of the smaller-scale variety (Such as Sego's birthday). Sometimes, you need to create your own traditions to make life more interesting. Well, I do, at least.

To wit: for the past three months or so, I have been dressing with a theme for Church every Sunday. I use clothes I already own, not costume pieces. I try to make the theme as obvious as possible without resorting to anyone that looks too costume-y. It's a magical experiment to find the balance between fashion, symbolism and subtlety. Past themes include:

1. Waitress
2. Catholic schoolgirl
3. Pirate wench
4. Cowgirl
5. The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland
6. Egyptian princess
7. Lamanite princess
8. Lumberjack wench (Note: If you want to utilize any sort of traditionally "male" theme, simply add "wench" to the theme you have chosen)
9. Edgar Alan Poe (AKA melancholy/black and white)
10. Old lady at a tea party
11. Barbie
12. Medieval beer wench
and so on.

Future themes that I am still working on include:
1. Nancy Sinatra
2. Jackie Kennedy
3. The Childlike Empress from Neverending Story
but I'm starting to run low on ideas. Any suggestions?

If you submit an idea and I use it, you will receive some sort of tangible/intangible prize.


TheMoncurs said...

That is too awesome for words. I'll need to think on this and get back to you.

(brain too fried from writing my novel. it may be a few weeks)

L'homme pressé said...

say Jackie Onassis. Also, I remember Edgar Allen Poe.

Andrew and Ariel said...

You should take pictures and post them!!

Leah said...

Please tell me there are pictures of these outfits. Please??

mathistown said...

um...soooooo awesome! my suggestions would include: hogwarts student/hermione granger, elf from LOTR, and/or hobbit, jane goodall, one of the jetsons, amelia earhart, what's-her-name from the matrix, a pioneer, the cat in the hat, violet beaudelair from a series of unfortunate events, lady gaga, a mormon housewife, elaine from seinfeld, sarah palin {woof}, hilary clinton, june carter cash, dolly parton, a school teacher, maria from the sound of music, mary poppins, a coal miner's daughter, anne of green gables/avonlea, laura ingalls wilder, rosie the riveter, and tina fey.

whew. that was really satisfying.

you really should take pictures.

Melanee said...

Elisa, I love this so much! I think I have seen parts of these themes. I have a few myself, but they just seem to happen. I like your initiative to planning them!

Rachel. said...

I wish I were in your ward. I wish I were in your ward.

Rachel. said...

and yes. pictures please!

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