13 November, 2009

In which I yell at a presumably homeless guy, and apparently have bad taste.

I feel really safe in our neighborhood, for the record. But this one time a month or so ago my roommate left our garage open and later that day found some old guy (presumably homeless) rifling through some of the stuff inside. Pamela told him to scram, he left, end of story. However, today I left my car unlocked and when I came outside to bring Joe some of his mail I saw an old, grungy looking guy walking away from the general direction of my car, carrying a bag EXACTLY like the duffel bag I keep in my trunk. It's purple and turquoise and intentionally hideous, and I thought, pretty unique.

I yelled "Hey" at him really aggressively and started toward him, then realized that since I was right by my car I should first check to see if my bag was actually gone from my trunk.

I opened my trunk and there it was. The man walking by just happened to have the SAME EXACT BAG. The guy gave me a suspicious look, and I tried to avoid eye contact and act as if maybe I was just yelling at my dog and not him.

First of all, I felt really bad about making a snap judgment like that.

Second of all, what does it say about me that a homeless guy in Provo and I have the same taste in luggage? Not a lot, I can tell you.

Although I suppose that what homeless people wear and bear is a matter of availability rather than taste.

Not that this makes me feel any classier.

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Ashley said...

LOL I totally read this one right after reading Lee Cannon's latest report. I can't believe you two posted such unbelievable stories on the same day.