03 September, 2008

Exchanging frequent for epic/awesome

Sorry I haven't written in a while, guys. I moved into my new house, and it took awhile to get internet set up, my brother was in town, I had to get lots of stuff together for school, I went to Seattle .... blah blah blah.

I started school today. It was incredible. Man, I love school. No lie. For me, the beginning of the school year is the real new beginning for me. It's when all my past important years have begun and end. And thus, I present to you my NEW YEAR"S RESOLUTIONS!!!!

1. Get back into a productive habit of scripture study. This includes both writing in my other blog but also studying with a concrete purpose in mind, like I did on my mission. I have gotten in the bad habit of reading just so i can say I've read that day. That's bad.

2. Visit teach. Um, haven't done that in like months. I've made some half-baked attempts, but none have gone through. I'm a terrible person.

3. Quit spend so mind mindless time on the internet reading worthless stuff like this. And this. And even that. Reading about random minutiae has yet to take me anywhere so far. Won't take me places in the future either. Except perhaps a game show, which I would never appear on anyway because I hate the way I look on camera.

4. Speaking of being fat, work out more. Go running, and possibly join a gym this month. I think the favorable effect on my looks would be worth the money. Speaking on a level of necessary (pragmatic?) shallowness.

Can there be levels of shallowness? I don't know. Be quiet.

5. Find ways to practice Hungarian that don't involve:
a. Hungarian friendster-esque questionable websites.
b. moving to Hungary (can't afford it right now)
c. dating someone from my mission.

I added c only because my attempts so far have proved dismal. But perhaps I will change my tune in seven weeks. Stay tuned!

6. Curb my grape habit. They're getting expensive.

7. Eat more iron. With lots of vitamin C to aid absorption.

8. Take my vitamins. Once I get them out of Aisling's apartment.

9. Settle my debts. Well, my minor ones to Bryan, Ama and the library. My student loan people can go ahead and shut it.

10. Add more pictures to my ridiculous blog.

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