08 September, 2008

Completely Random List

1. I am being considered for a job at the MTC. That just means that when a space opens up (1 of 4 Hungarian teachers), they may or may not call me in for a final interview, then hire me. I'm not holding my breath for anytime soon. I'm staying at my nanny job until then. Which could be a while. But I'm actually OK with that.

2. I met this AMAZING guy this weekend. The only problem is he is probably too good to be true. How could anyone that chivalrous and creative and cool not be gay? We'll see what happens. No one seems too interested in hearing about my latest heartbreak-to-be, so I'll probably write some sort of post about that at some point.

3. My new favorite movie = Dan in Real Life.

4. I even bought the soundtrack because it was so amazing. Peter Hedges' movie soundtrack's are unbelievable.

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