19 September, 2008

A List of Lies

With a nod to topher, my blog hero.

1. In case you are wondering, my very favorite kind of music is pop punk like The All-American Rejects. The lead singer has such a great singing voice! I mean wow! And they write about real things that really speak to where I am right now.

2. My favorite foods include: potato chips, Slim Jims, beef jerky (especially homemade! Yum yum!), anything from Teryaki Stix (totally authentic!) and Adventures in Deep Frying.

3. Know who is super sexy? Ben Stiller. OMG! And he's sooooo funny. LMAO!

4. I feel like I don't have enough to do right now. Feeling kinda bored ... maybe I should take on a new project of some sort?

5. I love it when Toby pees on my bed. Talk about cute!


theFinn said...

I actually have this weird psychic connection to beef jerky. Every time I see it, I have this overwhelming urge to buy all of it. When I have torn myself from its mesmeric powers, I never get cravings. Creepy.

TheMoncurs said...

I totally love Topher. Him and his whole family are awesome.

TheMoncurs said...

Apologies, HE and his whole family are awesome.

I am ashamed.