10 February, 2010

Colleges, a Comparison

My original Alma Mater

+Hundreds .... well, dozens, of people that I deeply love.
+The Naked Indian Statue.

I liked to check him out, Sego liked to bark at him.

-70s modern architecture that is revolting.
-A culture of spiritual McCarthyism.

The University of Washington

+Classy brick buildings that make my heart move up two inches in my chest.
-Nobody I know, at all. Could that potentially be a +, though?
+A fresh start.
+An AMAZING program. I am in love with it, even the fruity little certification adviser who wears his pants high above his waist.
+While I was on campus, I saw a booth handing out free condoms and selling tickets to a production of The Vagina Monologues.
+Also, someone approached me and asked me to sign a petition about the environment (pro).
+I walked around campus for over an hour and I did not see ANYONE wearing stilettos.

I think I am in love.


theFinn said...

I still think that frozen yogurt with me should count as a major plus in favor of BYU.

Rachel S said...

Just the other day Tommy was saying, "Elisa, Elisa". I wonder what that could mean...

(He might have also been saying, "Look a bug!")

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