26 February, 2010

Things to make your day, dear friends.

Dedicated at least in part to Austin, who is extraordinary.

This is one of my favorite movie moments ever.

Also, this. I wish real life were more like this.

However, if I were to sing a song while walking somewhere, it would almost certainly be this one, with Mr. Arnstein's name possibly changed.

And mostly because I love Christopher Walken oh-so-much, this is another thing I love.

And finally, if my future husband isn't cool with our making something EXACTLY like this (except with a different song), starring all our friends and relatives, the wedding is off.

It's quite possible I will never get married, for this and other reasons. But when I start to feel depressed about that, I just think of Judy Garland, my hero.

No, seriously, she and I are practically the same person. Personality, mannerisms, body issues, we share it all.

(Barbra Streisand is also in this but I don't really feel a special connection to her)

A lot of people would consider identifying with Hollywood's original drug headliner a bad thing, but I just own it.

David, this is film uno of the tap dancing movies that will change your life. Also, you don't comment on my blog like you used to. I miss it.

Have a great weekend everybody! I am going to Portland and am going to eat here.


Rachel S said...

All I can say is, I am definitely coming to your wedding.

eden said...

amen to the first two. not that i dislike the others, i just don't feel strongly about them like you do. (:

i do like christopher walken. you've seen him in the fatboy slim video, right? i love that video!

eden said...

and ps - that wedding video is awesome.

L'homme pressé said...

I think its because we talk all the time now. I usually only comment on blogs to let people know I read them. Also, I've been sick.

Holly said...

Elisa, I'm pretty sure I've only met you like once at the Sunspring Garden thing but I stumbled upon your blog and I've been reading it ever since. I think it is now time to confess that you are my hero.

jackie said...

oh my goodness. these are all great links!

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