10 April, 2009

Two lists.

Rice Krispy treats? Check.
Tonic water? Check.
Smeared eye make-up from rubbing my eyes so often? Check.
Disney Princess fruit snacks? Check.
Staying up all night to write a paper? PRICELESS.

I am normally a pretty good student. I promise. I also get quite a healthy amount of sleep, for a college student. Especially considering how many credits I am taking this semester. However, I don't like literary criticism. Never have. This is why I changed my major from English to Linguistics. Anywway, I have been putting off this 15-page paper for my Shakespeare class for days now, even though I thought I had a decent topic. Wrong! I spent hours trying to write today and I could barely squeeze out one paragraph. If I don't feel like writing about something, I simply cannot write about it.

I think this is why my grades in college do not really reflect my intelligence. I hate writing about things that do not interest me.

So anyway, I'm writing my paper about rock music now. It's a gamble, because my teacher might not like it. But a good 15-page paper that Dr. Fullmer hates is better than a 15-page paper of crappy lit crit, right? Certainly it's better than no paper at all.

More throughout the evening as the story (and the paper) develops. This may well be my first all-nighter since my sophomore year.

Red vines? Check.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

My Western Civ class was graded by an uber-feminist who didn't like any of my papers...but she did give 2 of them As and the third a B. Hope it bodes well for you.