12 April, 2009

Things I've never done before, week 2

This week, as Vilja wrote, my "new experience" was going to be snowboarding for the first time, which promised to be both hilarious and humiliating. An excellent blogatunity. Alas, the weather was so darn nice this week (Not that I'm complaining!!! No sir!) that the slopes were closed, so Vilja, Lori and I missed our chance to fall on our butts on the bunny hill and possibly get beaned in the back of the head by a ski lift. I am positive that would have happened to me.

Anyway, since my plan fell through, I was conscious of my need to do new things this week, and possibly went a little overboard. Here are all the things I did this week for the first time:

Monday: nude modeled (at the Bridge Art Academy)
Wednesday: participated in a Passover Seder (I have been to them before, but I was always working so I didn't really participate)
Thursday: wrote a 15-page paper in less than 24 hours

I bet you want me to write about what happened on Monday, don't you? Too bad. It wasn't even that interesting. It was exactly like modeling at BYU, except instead of a bikini, I was wearing nothing. I underwent no psychological changes, felt no new feelings, and had no weird experiences. So there. Although afterwards, when I was at a party on Friday, I actually ran into the teacher of the class, while I was with my roommate who also nude models at the same art academy. While we were sitting with him on the couch and chatting, he at one point smiled and said, "Hey, I've seen everyone on this couch naked!" It wasn't that funny.

Anyway, today I did something really cool and awesome for the first time: I made homemade pasta! This was an especially neat milestone in my life because this was one of the many items on the list of "things to do before I die" that I made when I was 19. Other items include:

1. Be an extra in a disaster movie.
2. Learn a language spoken by less than one million people.
3. Build a model volcano and induce an eruption.
4. Have sex outside.
5. Memorize all the hymns in the hymnbook

There are others, but I am too lazy to look them up. Plus you know too much already.

Anyway, "make homemade pasta" was like number 27 or something like that on my list, and today I did it, thanks to my friend Joe! I love you Joe! We used his pasta making machine, which looks like this:

Cool, huh? Apparently they only cost like 20 bucks. Once I have a job I might go buy one. All you need is flour and eggs to make the dough, then you run the dough through that little machine guy a dozen times, cut it into the desired shapes, and voila! Delicious homemade pasta! Joe and I actually got kinda fancy and made ravioli, which was good even though it was a little thick and took forever to cook. The ravioli was stuffed with asparagus, ricotta cheese, mint, and parmesan. It was delicious. Also, the machine was fairly easy to use even though every once in a while one of us would run the dough through incorrectly and it would get torn up a little bit. My point is, making homemade pasta is extremely fun. I highly recommend it.

See you next week! Except I will so totally blog next week before I blog about this goal, because it is finals week. I blog a lot during finals week. I also get lots of chores done.


TheMoncurs said...

Sex outside just makes me nervous. There must be someone somewhere within hearing or seeing distance!!

And holy crap, I want a pasta maker!

Elisa said...

I think my thought was more along the lines of the wilderness somewhere, but yeah, it's a tough goal. Don't worry, though, I'll manage.

And I know, right???