17 April, 2009

My Summer Goals

Finals are so close to done I can taste it. It tastes like mint. I am really looking forward to four months of freedom. But don't worry! I won't stagnate! Not with these as my summer goals!

NOTE: None of these are jokes. Not a single. One.
NOTE II: If any of you would like to join/be involved with any of these goals, holler @ me.

1. Build a model volcano and induce an eruption (that's right, THIS is the summer).
2. Teach Vilja and Red how to do family history research.
3. Go to the dog park in Salt Lake with Gheybin.
4. Read all of the books Alisha recommends.
5. CLEAN OUT our frickin' garage with Pamela.
6. Study astronomy with Brooke, Gordon, and Ashley.
7. Visit the library in Salt Lake. The one with all the fireplaces.
8. Visit Ashley and her baby (sorry, Grant) in Chicago.
9. Travel to Phoenix and meet my soon-to-be stepfather.
10. Visit my brother at his new stomping grounds (either Gonzaga or SUO).
11. Do a session at the new Draper Temple.
12. Watch all three Lord of the Rings movies in a row. Regular, NOT the extended editions.
13. Garden.
14. Wrangle goats.
15. Finish memorizing "the Lady of Shalott."
16. Go to this Star Trek convention in Las Vegas the first weekend in August.
17. New X-Men movie!!!!!
18. New Star Trek movie!!!!!
19. Finish reading the Book of Mormon in Hungarian.
20. Host some good shows at our house (suggestions welcome).


Ashley said...

I had a copy of William Holdman Hunt's Lady of Shallot hanging on my wall for years. I just loved the painting--I had no idea it was a poem.

theFinn said...

You're never, ever going to be able to shake me this summer. You already promised that I would be your Draper temple friend. YOU PROMISED! Jordan's dad has been wanting to do a "Lord of the Rings" marathon with us for a loooooooong time. You are invited. I WILL be watching "X-Men" and "Star Trek" on opening night. I highly suggest that you add the new "Terminator" movie to the list. It's rated PG-13, and it will be awesome. And "Transformers". Yes, Jordan and I will spend the entire month of May at the movie theater.

Of course, I will be there to learn family history. I would love to garden. ANNNNNNND... WHERE IS THE DINOSAUR MUSEUM? I am crying on the inside that you lied to me.

theFinn said...

I was oddly pleased to see that you linked my blog into your blog post. somehow, I feel like it will transfer your popularity to me. However, if I can't even get my own friends to read it, I doubt yours will, either. Sigh.

Elisa said...

Dinosaur museum! Thank you! I KNEW there was something you and I had discussed that I had forgotten to list!!!!

21. Go to the Dinosaur Museum with Vilja.

And please, like I would EVER want to shake you.

Sterling and Cori Anne said...

Okay so I do believe that #1 and #12 are Elisa and Cori goals. Meaning you better come here and do them with me!!!

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