20 April, 2009

The WORST feeling

This is, officially, the worst feeling in the world.

1. Thinking of a book I want to read right this very minute.
2. Looking online to see if it is at the library.
3. Finding the record of the book!
4. Finding out that the book is available!!
5. Writing the call number of the book on my hand/in my planner.
6. Driving/walking/biking to the library intensely excited to check out said book.
7. Finding the call number where the book should be.

and then

8. The book is not there.

No man on earth has ever broken my heart like that.


Ashley said...

LOST?! NOOOO! Maybe you should wait a day or two and check again--or better yet have them put it on hold for you, then THEY have to find it.

But in the meanwhile, you're right. That is SUCH a heartbreaker.

theFinn said...

For me, the worst is when it's the night before my research paper is due and I find a book with the EXACT title of my topic, and it has disappeared into some vortex of the library. I even swallow my pride and ask for librarian assistance, only to have them shrug their shoulders and wonder why on earth I am weeping.