24 August, 2009

National Waffle Day

(Note: This entry is inspired by the blogging style of one Gordon Rees, who is also wearing great pants)

Oh my gosh, I lead such a great life. Here's why.

Hammer pants and vintage architecture and news articles on Iran. A long walk. A lady with cute kids. Girl talk and cheap food and Sarah. Kids who love dogs. The smell of laundry soap. A freshly vacuumed room. An Andy sighting near my house. Finding everything I've ever lost. Free soap and candles. Tomato and swiss sandwiches. Greg and paintbrushes. Solving moral dilemmas. Flowers that smell like cookies. Cleansing my palate of salty plum nuts. Wills doing something spontaneous.

Nevertheless, my life is never so good that it cannot be made better by waffles.


Ashley said...


Though I daresay, you know what would make your life EVEN better? Sending texts to me! Seriously.

Gordon said...

Haha. I love it. I'm not sure I buy it, but I love it. And I'm all for the pants.

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