19 August, 2009

A Return to Real TIme....

By way of summary, my stay in Amsterdam didn't really get any better. The only thing that went well was our presentation at the International Association of Forensic Linguists. Several linguists came and seemed to be really impressed by our research. Also, our Powerpoint was the best one.

Other than that, and after two days of no sleep in a room with eight cracked-out German dudes, I changed my ticket to come home three days early.

Then I spent two nights in the Amsterdam airport. It was not very much fun. However, I read all of "Lake Woebegon Days" by Garrison Keillor (Awesome book, especially if you're already a fan of Prairie Home Companion) and read one third of The Once and Future King by T.H. White. After the Wart becomes King Arthur, the whole story becomes just plain depressing. I don't intend to finish it.

I also learned about all the different places one can sleep if one is creative. I slept on a bench, a chair, a table, a loveseat-type deal that was actually two chairs and a table welded together, and in several different nooks near heaters and staircases. I can sleep pretty much anywhere, and in pretty much any position. This is one of my talents.

I do hope you enjoyed my journal entries from my trip. From now one, any writing I publish in the present tense will actually be from, you know, the present.

1 comment:

theFinn said...

You know why I love you, Elisa? Because you know what the Prairie Home Companion is.

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