05 August, 2009

Day 6: My second Independence Day as an Ex-pat

4 July 2009.................................................................................11:15 PM Aurelia's house

Ironically, this may be the best Fourth of July I've ever had. Then again, this is my absolute least favorite holiday, because I hate hate hate fireworks. I'm glad that after 24 years, I am finally secure enough to admit this.

Anyway, today I went to the cemetery two blocks from Aurelia's house. I decided when I entered that looking at the map with the marked graves of all the famous people felt a bit like cheating, that visiting someone's grave (unless conducting family history research) needs to be an organic, spur-of-the-moment sort of thing; ergo, I was just going to walk around instead of navigate myself to various graves-to-see. Yes, I am aware that I am very strange. Apparently Jim Morrison is buried in that cemetery, but I did not come across his burial site. I did, however, come across the burial sites of several famous French people whose names escape me now. My point is, it was a very pleasant, very long walk, and it enabled me to indulge in my most secret, most shameful and most enjoyable hobby: looking at names and creating mental (and sometimes actual) lists of names for my future children. Shut UP. I'm awesome!

Anyway, after that I continued the "walking" theme of today by walking around Paris and buying a few items of clothing. Fact: I have in Paris purchased the following (totally awesome) articles of clothing:

•1 neon green purse.
•1 pair of blue lace gloves.
•1 infant t-shirt that reads: "Dormir la nuit? pas d'accord." (Shut UP! I'm AWESOME!)
•1 pair of black hammer pants (the kind I mentioned earlier--no seriously, they are so cool).
•1 brown peasant blouse.
•1 brown dress that is really hard to describe, but trust me, really cool.
•1 pair yellow nylons.

I already have a SWEET themed Sunday outfit in the works which I won't wear on my first Sunday back in the States, because that would be overkill. However, I am looking forward to people complimenting these items of clothing (and oh, will they) whenever I wear them (except I won't be wearing the infant t-shirt ... I'm saving that ... shut UP!) and when they ask me where I got it I'll say "Paris." Oh yeah, that'll be sweet.

After going home and hanging out with Liv for a while (I'm actually able to communicate quite well with her now ... mostly because 98% of her conversations revolve around the word "princess" which is an English cognate) the three of us went to the park. Aurelia and I had a pleasant chat while Liv alternated between playing in the sandpile and tattling to her mom about what the other kids were doing. It was pretty hilarious.

Then we came home, I ate dinner and packed, and we all watched Blade Runner. Renaud's friend was visiting with his daughters, ages 12 and 10. Everyone drank lots of wine except me. Tomorrow I am going to Parisian church. And a good thing too.

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