01 September, 2010

A rather macabre thought process.

Today I listened to a How Stuff Works podcast entitled "How Cremation Works." A bit of a morbid topic, especially for a girl at a desk so far from the windows, but fascinating nonetheless. Also, keep in mind that I am very weird and intensely curious about everything. So, there you go.

Here are some interesting things one can do with your ashes:

1. Put them in a fireworks display. Pros: pretty awesome, and Hunter S. Thompson did it, and he is awesome. Cons: I am terrified of fireworks, so it would be kind of pointless (or maybe just too ironic?).

2. Have them crushed into a synthetic diamond. Pros: Wearable, inheritable. Cons: Until the Resurrection.

3. Have them mixed with ink or paint and made into a comic book or painting. Pros: It has the word "comic book" in it. Cons: What if the painting sucks? And of course you wouldn't want it to be a painting of YOU. That's just obnoxious.

4. Have them sent into space. Pros: Maybe your ashes would travel to an alien planet and they would be able to learn about humans or even bring you back to life! Cons: What if you just got a satellite all dusty?

This one is my most favorite of all:

5. There was this guy, an adventuring kind of guy who was there when they discovered the Titanic, who, when he died, told his family members and friends to take a teaspoon of his ashes with them whenever they travelled and scatter it somewhere cool. Pros: that is pretty much amazing. It's symbolic of your love for travel and adventure. It's a way for your loved ones to stay connected to you in a way that isn't too creepy (I guess it's a little creepy, but I think the awesome factor outweighs the creep factor). PLUS, when you get resurrected, the ashes will gather from ALL OVER THE WORLD like a superhero from a comic book. I just really like this idea so much.

I think I need to write a will, just in case.


Jasie said...

There's a Swedish lady who's developed a way to freeze dry body remains and make it into compost that your family could then use to grow a tree with. That's what pushing for. The process is gross (you have to ground into a pulp before freeze dried) but I love the thought of being directly turned back into the earth to do some good.

yeah, I've probably thought a little too much about this.

p.s. I read your blog every time you update it and really enjoy it. keep up the good work!

celestethebest said...

HA ashes gather from all over the world like a superhero... I like that

Shelley said...

I heard somewhere awhile ago that they can mix your ashes with this special concrete, and it can be used to help rebuild the Great Barrier Reef.

I also like the idea of green cemeteries: these cemeteries get permission to bury people really shallow in decomposable pine boxes, and they plant endangered native plants on top of your grave. You become the fertile soil for those plants to grow.