06 July, 2009

Day Zero, or, Don't be fooled by the post dates, read the real ones

29 June 2009 Flight from Salt Lake City to Cincinnati

Airplanes are boring. I like trains better. I don't hate flying like some people do, and I relish the time alone to read embarrassing magazines without feeling like there's something much more productive I ought to be doing ... actually, forget what I just said. I'm not bored at all. Just hungry. I don't know what time it is in the sky currently, but by my calculations it's approaching dinnertime. And I'm on a Delta flight, which means food costs money and I'm sure much of it would be inedible (not just for my vegetarian self, for anyone). I finished American Born Chinese and figured out exactly which presentations at the IAFL conference I absolutely MUST attend (3 are about child abuse! I'm excited about that ... Is that weird?) so now it's either nap, which I'd rather not do, or write, which I am currently doing. I'm applauding myself for not bringing my iPod. It makes me feel more present. Also, the three year-old boy in the seat directly in front of me reached out his little hand and put it on my knee a few minutes ago. I couldn't see his face so I'm not sure if it was intentional or not.

Some other things I've noticed so far:

1. The very old man in front of me in line was very nice. His name was Carl. He looked clean but didn't have any luggage, only a plastic grocery bag with his meds in it. He definitely should not have been traveling alone. His flight left ten minutes before mine so I made sure he was ahead of me in the security line so he wouldn't get lost. I hope he made his flight. He had trouble understanding the ticket agent's directions.

2. A woman, also in line in front of me, had a blue canvas bag with a patch on it that said: "Utah Knitters Guild: Wanna make something of it?" along with a picture of some sheep. It reminded me of Olivia.

3. While I was boarding the plane a voice came over the intercom saying there was a "David Koler" who needed to recover some lost property. I immediately texted my brother and told him of the strange coincidence.

4. Ohio looks like an earth-tone patchwork quilt with a long ice cream stain on it (blueberry).

5. I just saw the border that joins Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. Really? Apparently, I don't know the geography of my own homeland at all. Everything between the Intermountain West and the original 13 colonies is just a blur.

6. At the airport in line behind me (until she cut) was a woman with a baby in a sling and a toddler on a leash, accompanied by her own mother. During check-in, Grandma got Leash Duty and the little boy decided he was DONE with this indignity, lay on the ground and refused to get up. Inwardly, I applauded. Leashes are for dogs, not children. Power, miniature brother.


TheMoncurs said...

I always said I would never leash Wes. I still haven't, but now that he is 18 months, incredibly active, and prone to running away as fast as possible while I'm not looking, I'm seriously reconsidering my position.

I hate hate hate flying.

Tessa said...

I must say that you can't condemn people for putting their kids on leashes until you have had a toddler who loves to run away. I used one myself in the airport: I would much rather have an unhappy, safe child than lose my child in an airport. Trying to get through the airport with a toddler is one of the most stressful things I have ever experienced, and a leash can at least take off a little pressure. Anyway, I am looking forward to reading about your travles.