11 October, 2008

List thingy centered around the number 8...

Thanks Alli.

8 Things I am Passionate About:
1. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
2. Raising kids.
3. Civil liberties (for).
4. The Death penalty (against).
5. Peace.
6. Honesty.
7. Animal rights.
8. Environmentalism.

8 Words or Phrases I Say Often:
1. Does that make sense?
2. Oh shoot.
3. Seriously?
4. Eghhh. (If you know me, you know that sounds like)
5. Wow.
6. That sucks.
7. Oh man.
8. Sucker!

8 Things I want to do before I Die:
1. Get married.
2. Make babies.
3. Be an extra in a disaster movie.
4. Memorize all the hymns in the hymnbook.
5. Have a really, really, REALLY awesome Halloween costume.
6. Swim in every major body of water.
7. Learn to cook really well. :(
8. Study a language spoken by less than one million people.

8 Things I Have Learned From my Past:
1. Individuals are more important than categories.
2. Correcting others' grammar is not the best way to win friends.
3. Pig brain tastes terrible.
4. God has an ironic sense of humor.
5. Nothing is simple.
6. I am a sucker for _________ (fill in the blank)
7. Almost all art is meaningful.
8. What would Jesus do?

8 Places I Would Love to Go or See:
1. New Zealand.
2. India.
3. Ireland.
4. Israel.
5. Turkey.
6. Iran.
7. Kenya.
8. Paris.

8 Things I Currently Need or Want:
1. A clean house.
2. To lose weight.
3. More trust in people.
4. More time.
5. A soul mate (that is, in fact, higher on the list, but I'm too self-conscious to put it first).
6. A good Hungarian dictionary.
7. Jeans that fit me properly.
8. To be satisfied with my life right now.


mathistown said...

Totally didn't know you read my blog. Totally happy you do!!

Elisa said...

Silly girl. You've commented before!

hediyeh said...

Woot! I loved the Iran shoutout. Just checking up on you, my love. Hope you're doing well. Give me a call sometime.

Sterling and Cori Anne said...

I can help you learn to cook! And I'd love to be in that disaster movie with you! What do you think sinking ship or attacked by a giant monster of sorts?