05 October, 2008

Two Funny Stories

I always forget to write about the little moments in my life that make it so great.

1. The other day I was sitting by myself at church until my friend Robbie, who is half-Mexican (but prefers to tell people he is from Ethnia) came and sat on my left. Then Stanley, an exchange student from Taiwan, came and sat on my right. The following conversation ensued.

Me: Mmmmm. Ethnic sandwich.
Robbie: Technically, we're a white girl sandwich on ethnic.

Ha ha. Robbie, I heart you.

2. Last night I took Thelma over to the yellow house (but not the one near us) and met Mo, one of Thelma's buddies from way back. We hit it off instantly and started talking like we had known each other for years. Conversation:

Me: I feel like I have known you forever.
Mo: I feel the same way.
Me: You must be an INFP.

Then a long pause followed, in which I thought to myself, "Darn it, that was a really stupid comment to make. I'm such an idiot." Then Mo said:

Mo: I so am!

Then we hugged. The End.

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