11 October, 2011

From the archives: October 11, 2004

Actual conversation with my roommates

Important detail: I gave blood today.

Scene: Elisa and Hediyeh, having returned from grocery shopping, are putting said groceries away and talking to Nancy and Alli.

Hediyeh: Hey, Elisa has a crazy story to tell you guys.
Me: I passed out in Brother Bott's class.
Hediyeh: NO! The other crazy story!
Me: (mystified) What?
Hediyeh: About how your friend got engaged after knowing the guy for 13 days.
Me: Oh. Uh, my friend got exchanged after knowing the guy for 13 days.
Alli: Wow.

Dude, I am so in love with Provo it's not even funny.


Kayla said...

Ha, that friend could have been me a year later. Although, I guess it wasn't exactly 13 days but..close. And we weren't even in Provo!

Cassandra said...

hahahah remember how i used to work in an engagement ring store? yes. seven days was the record. no joke. ps- i miss and love you.

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