13 March, 2011

From the archives: March 13, 2004

Embarrassing Story Time!!!!

Probably everyone in the ward has either heard of or played Bryan Robison’s game known as “Good Idea/Bad Idea.” I will now utilize his method of storytelling to relate an embarrassing incident that happened, oh, about fifteen minutes ago.

Nancy calling the IT services office to get help with her computer, which was not working = GOOD IDEA

IT services sending a male type to the girls’ dorm to fix the computer in question = AS YOU WILL SOON SEE, BAD IDEA

Elisa returning home from Frisbee and deciding to take a shower = GOOD IDEA

Elisa entering the hall clad only in a towel = BAD IDEA

Elisa remaining silent so that the male type will not turn around and see her, then ducking back into the room as the male type exits the floor = GOOD IDEA

Rachel laughing at the expression on Elisa’s face = BAD (ALTHOUGH UNDERSTANDABLE) IDEA

Elisa enacting revenge by chasing Rachel down the hall, still only wearing a towel = SEEMED LIKE A GOOD IDEA AT THE TIME

Elisa (not realizing that the male type was, in fact, still on the floor, waiting for the elevator) running right past him = BAD IDEA

Elisa ducking behind the wall and waiting for the male type to leave as Rachel mocked and mocked and mocked = THE BEST IDEA AVAILABLE

Writing this up for the ward journal = ???????????


mathistown said...

I can picture right where this all went down..good times at DT!

theFinn said...


Typical Rachel. I'm sad that the site of this incident no longer exists.

Rachel S said...

HAHA! Oh man. Posting this: Good idea. That was hilarious.

Oh and sorry for mocking you. Although, had I not this story would be significantly less entertaining. I am still sorry though, won't happen again. Probably.