18 December, 2011

CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE (In lieu of Christmas cards this year)

Not that I've ever done those, either.

Please download and listen to these songs while imagine one of the following scenarios:

1. We are driving together on a stretch of highway, singing these songs at the top of our lungs.
2. We are sitting by a fire, drinking chocolate soy milk and talking about politics.
3. We are knitting socks in a loft and eating fresh vegetables.

I think that covers everyone. Enjoy. xoxo

Click here to download 

1 comment:

theFinn said...

Wait, if this is choose your own adventure, do I get to choose what happens next? We are driving down the highway, singing those songs, WHEN AN ALIEN SPACESHIP CAREENS OUT OF CONTROL ONTO THE ROAD IN FRONT OF YOU! Do you:

1. Get out of the car and sing carols to the aliens
2. Run for it
3. Begin building a makeshift weapon out of car parts

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