04 September, 2011

On Third Grade.

Things I remember from Third Grade:

1. I turned 9.
2. We moved from the house I had lived in since I was 5, to the same house I am currently living in.
3. At one point I hid in the school library for an entire afternoon and the school almost called the police.
4. It is the first year I can remember being able to write anything longer than a few sentences.
5. We did a unit about the brain/optical illusions. This is when I learned that those damn Magic Eye posters don't work if you only have one eye.
6. My dad worked nights at the post office, so we had to be quiet during the day so he could sleep (this actually might have been fourth grade).
7. I wore a lot of tie dye and vests. My hair was shoulder length.
8. My best friend Molly and I read palms for play money on Market Day.
9. I got teased for months because a group of boys saw me picking my nose.
10. I was so nervous about the first day of school that I got hives all over my body and had to stay home.

I think about teaching a classroom full of kids that are eight-turning-nine and I feel like they are so young and small. But I don't recall feeling small or young in third grade.

My cooperating teacher is in her sixties. She has a dry, wry sense of humor that I'm curious to see if she shares with the kids. I would categorize her as old school, but in a nice way, not an intimidating way. She's very organized and crafty. She made a joke about growing marijuana to supplement her income during our initial interview. That's when I decided I liked her.

The kids in my class are split about even between boys and girls, and approximately into fourths in terms of race: Hispanic, Black, White and Asian. Most of them were at the same school last year. I don't know why I'm thinking abut them this late on a Sunday. I guess I haven't stopped thinking about them since I saw their list of names.

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katiekono said...

Immaculate HS had the same approximate mix of kids when I taught there - fabulously rich in cultures and from 0 to comfortably-middle-classed...at least when we used to have a middle class!